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What are the causes of leucorrhoea home remedies for leucorrhoea

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What us Leucorrhea?

Leucorrhea is a disease that usually occurs in every girl and young woman.  90% of the world’s women are victims of this disease.  This disease is now commonly called white water or leucorrhoea.  There is a type of infection. Due to the vaginal passage of the women, there is a white colored foul water, which is quite viscous and smelly. Women have to face a lot of problems due to leukorrhea.  This disease affects the health of women, their health is weakened. Women begin to feel weakness in their body, and their body structure (bones) changes.  Swelling also occurs in the internal organs of a woman.

Small amounts of white water coming after or before menstruation is natural, but if they start coming in high amounts, it can cause problems. Women complain of pain in their feet when leukorrhea is released.  Most women do not speak openly on this subject because of shame and suffering.  Sometimes we also fall victim to this disease due to our wrong food and not keeping the body clean.

Problems caused by women due to leukorrhea:

1 Continuous pain in the waist 

2 Feeling weakness 

3 Dizziness

 4 Nausea 

6 frequent urination

 7 Stomach heaviness

 8 Itching and burning in the vaginal tract

 9 Irritability 

 10 Stretching in the calves

 11 Eye circle darkening 

12 Difficulty in doing everyday work.

The life of women is very painful anyway, and in them they also face new diseases.  Leucorrhea disease is sometimes very painful for women.  Low levels of leukorrhea in the body of women is a normal process, which has no effect on her health, but can cause anxiety if an overdose occurs.  Such women should be treated (treated) on time so that their health does not deteriorate.  They should talk openly about this to a female doctor, and eat medicine on a regular basis, and avoid certain things in their diet, because life is not done with poor health.

Most of the women of India are suffering from leucorrhoea disease, because of which they are hesitant and do not get treatment, and due to this disease, they fall prey to more new diseases.  She does not tell anyone about this because of her shame.  The problem of leukorrhea makes their body lean day by day.  Most women consider this problem to be normal and avoid it.  The problem of leukorrhea is also mostly due to our activity.  Why do some women eat fast spices, and consume more sweet, sour foods?

Measures to avoid leucorrhea:

 1 keep the body clean

 2 do not consume more medicines

3 take full care of cleanliness in menstruation

4 change the pad every 4-6 hours 

5 do not consume more sweet stuff

6  Avoid sour and spicy things 

7 Avoid junk food 

8 Drink enough water

9 Replace inside clothes twice a day 

10 Wear cotton clothes

11 Eat things rich in iron.  

12 Stay relaxed.

13 Open your shame and talk about it.  

14 Consult a doctor.

15 Do not stop urinating.  

16 Consume appropriate nutrients. 

17Do exercises. 

18 Eat three to four meals a day. 

19 Eat fresh vegetables and fruits, etc.

There are two types of leukorrhea, normal and abnormal. In normal leucorrhea, a small amount of licorice is released from the body of women.  It does not require any treatment, nor do women have to face any disease such as: – back pain, thinning of the body, etc.  Abnormal leukorrhea is harmful. If it is not treated in time, it becomes a new disease.  The problem of licorice is a common occurrence in women.  This is not a matter of concern.  We can get rid of this problem by paying attention to our food and cleanliness of our body.  There are many medicines available in the market to deal with this problem, but women do not buy those medicines due to their hesitation, they keep on battling this disease.  The problem of licorice is not so great.  By using some home remedies, we can get rid of this problem forever, and keep our body healthy again.

Home remedies to get rid of the problem of Leukorrhea:

 1 Carrot: – Carrot, radish and beetroot juice should be drunk, because by drinking their juice, you will get rid of this problem completely

 2 One teaspoon onion juice and honey intake continuously.  By doing this, the problem of licorice is overcome. 

3To get rid of white water, eat roasted chickpeas every day. 

4 Consume bananas regularly. 

5 Boil ladyfingers in half a liter of water, till the water is reduced to half.  Drinking this water with honey will remove your problem in a few days 

6 Regular consumption of tomatoes will benefit from this problem

 7 Drinking gooseberry powder with water will eliminate this problem from the root

 8 powder of berries bark powder  Taking with water will relieve your discomfort.

9 berries bark powder with water will relieve your discomfort. 

10 Eat curd in your diet 

11Eat the powder of white musli with milk mixed with isabgol 

12 Do not eat more salt and spicy food 

13 Fry makhanas in ghee and consume them regularly stale mouth  

14 Drinking Singade’s powder with milk daily will benefit

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