Anupama 21th September 2022 Written Updates

Anupama TV Serial

In the episode of Anupama 21 September it was shown that Anuj praises Anupama, he says that Anupama, I am proud of you, I have a thousand reasons to love you. I know that a mother who cannot see her child’s broken toy, how can she see that child breaking from the house? You are a fighter, Anupama, who always stands by the right, otherwise the mother often hides her son’s mistakes. And does not hold back from taunting the daughter-in-law, but you always supported the truth.

Anupama says crying that you are tired of this fighter, I feel like you should lock me in a room where I cannot hear anyone, live only for myself. She further says that how difficult we have got a small Anu but I can not stay with you guys, when I am in Shah House, my mind is always there, only then black tea is seen on the table, she tells Anuj.that you haven’t had breakfast yet, I now cook breakfast for you and for your little one, then we have to go to Anu’s school too. 

HeyKavya and Ba are standing beside him Vanraj says to Kinjal that son, what will you eat for breakfast, today I prepare breakfast for you, then Kinjal says that I should just drink tea from mother’s hand, Kavya tells Kinjal That Anupama has gone back to her house because she has to take care of younger Anuj and Anuj as well, after hearing this, Baa says that there is no problem, I will call Anupama now and then only Baa would have remembered what she had said. O Anupama, you will not come back here. But Kinjal says no problem, don’t bother mommy.

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When Anupama was talking little, Barkha asks her about Kinjal that Kinjal is okay Anupama says yes, Barkha further says that I can understand what must have happened to you at this time, which happened to you years ago. That is what is happening with your daughter-in-law now, like father like son.

Anupama thanks Barkha and Ankush for taking care of Anuj in his absence, Anuj says that Paritosh has some idea, Anupama says, he does not know and does not even want to know.

Ankush says that I am afraid that Paritosh should come to our house and do some tamasha, yesterday he was telling Anupama so much wrong to Anupama. Barkha also says that poor Anupama does not do anything for that house, but those people do not appreciate Anupama.

After those people leave, Anuj says to Anupama, I have to talk to you about something important.” He says that Anupama, you have done what you had to do, but now you do not help anyone until someone asks you for help because everyone knows you. When you taunt me, I don’t like you, don’t misunderstand me, but it is not right to be as good as you are, Anupama says yes and goes to the younger, while 

Kavya goes to the office after doing all the household chores in Shah House. It used to be that only then Kinjal came there with her bag of clothes, all the people tell her that what happened, son is being told with such a bag, then Kinjal says that now I can not stay here, you guys have given me satisfaction. thrown out of the house, but by staying here, I see the trouble on your faces and the sympathy in your eyes for myself, so I do not like it, now I can not stay here Baa says that no Kinjal leave us people Don’t go thinking how we will live on this, Kinjal says that you should also think about me, if I stop here, then my head will explode, I know that you all take I love baby very much, I also do not like taking baby away from you people, she tells Vanraj that father, you try to understand that I cannot stay here, then Vanraj takes baby Arya from his lap to Kinjal That he gives in his lap, he refuses, but Vanraj agrees with Kinjal, Kinjal thanks Vanraj, Kavya says that I will leave you on the way to the office, though you have told your mother, have you not? When you are coming to your house, Kinjal says go. Then those people start going only then Rakhi comes there and tells Kinjal what happened son, where are you going. 

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Baa tells Kinjal that Kinjal did not tell the serpent that you are going home. Rakhi says come on son, go home. But Kinjal says that no mother, I am not at home with you, but I want to go to Anupama’s mother’s house. 

Everyone gets shocked and refuses to go from Kinjal to Anupama’s house. Baa says that you have gone mad, you do not know Anupama that Jethani, she will make it difficult for you to live by taunting,    

Kavya also refuses to Kinjal, she says that Anupama also has her own home and responsibility, O Kinjal, that’s why I want to go there so that mommy doesn’t have to split in two places and come here and listen to ba’s taunts.

Baa tells Rakhi that though you talk a lot, the serpent has now understood your daughter. Rakhi says that what should I explain, Ba Kinjal does not want to go to the house of her real mother, the mother who gave birth to her. Rakhi tells Kinjal that son, Kinjal, will come home with me. I too feel like you, now your mother is alive. On this Kinjal says that the same mother who wanted to keep her daughter in deception ends 

today’s episode.

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