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Anupama 28 September 2022 Written Updates

Anupama TV Serial

In the episode of 28 September of Anupama, it was shown that Vanraj tells Babuji what should I do Babuji, first Paritosh made a mistake that now he is doing madness that he should put a slap but not leave him to die like this. I can.

Paritosh repeatedly apologizes to Kinjal in the state of intoxication, he says that i will not make such a mistake again by swearing pari. And one chance is given to everyone, Papa and Kavya were also given. Paritosh says that he will die without Kinjal and his daughter Pari. Everyone tries to handle him,

Anupama says thanks to Anuj for keeping his relationship and the rest of the situation separate. Anuj tells Anupama that when will you understand to do this?

Anuj says that we had decided that we would keep both the families separate, even I and Vanraj had decided that we would not even see each other’s face, but time changed such a situation that the enmity turned into friendship.

On the other hand, Baa tells Vanraj to bring Kinjal back home and hearing this Vanraj says that I cannot pressure Kinjal to come here. Baa says that as you have brought your son right, bring your daughter-in-law too. Vanraj says that mother Paritosh is different, Paritosh is  wrong, while it is wrong with Kinjal, then there is a child’s responsibility on him. In such a situation, he is getting peace by staying at Anupama’s house, so why should I snatch him.

Baa says that if children make mistakes, then they show them the way, they do not bring them on the way, mother explains to the daughter that if the mother-in-law says something, then follow it and the mother-in-law explains to the daughter-in-law that if the husband says something, do it and do it for centuries.society is going 

In the morning, Anuj takes little Anu to school for admission and tells Anupama that take care of yourself and there is no need to worry about anyone and Anupama says that after hearing that Anuj is not at all. The sun may forget to rise but I can’t stop worrying about you. Anuj and Anu go to school,just then Vanraj and Baa come to Anupama’s house, they say that they had the heart to meet Pari, so they came and Vanraj had to talk to Kinjal. The pari is crying when Kinjal is not made silent, then Baa becomes silent with her voice, Baa starts feeding the fairy with her in her arms. Vanraaj said to kinjal that Let’s go home, this is the matter of our house, we will solve it in our house, Vanraj says that Paritosh is feel guilty  don’t forgive, it will be your decision, but Paritosh’s punishment should not be given to the whole house, do not take the pari away from her house. He says that even after marriage, Kavya towards me, Anupama was staying in the house and Babuji was with her, I am with you.

Kinjal says that going there will reduce my pain? 

Vanraj says that no. But those who wipe the tears will be more. In a foreign house, even crying happens in secret.

I am not telling you things, just requesting that you  go to your home.

Anupama also stands behind with tea, 

Baa also says that you do whatever you want, but first just walk to your home. You have seen the situation of Paritosh, he just remembers you and Pari while sleeping in a drunken state, you decide to do anything, but do not do anything that affects you more than Paritosh. The court also gives six months time before giving divorce, you should also give a chance to Paritosh, hearing this Anupama says that why are you people pressurizing who will take the decision, only Kinjal will take it.

Vanraj shouts to Anupama that enough , we are not putting pressure on Kinjal, but we are explaining, you talk to Kinjal, we do not have any problem, then why do you have trouble talking to us? Babuji was with you, you lived in that house, so I am also with my daughter, so why can’t Kinjal stay in that house?

Anupama says that I am not saying this, then Anupama tells Kinjal that son if you  want so, then you go but do not go under anyone’s pressure.

Vanraj angrily tells Anupama that this is the matter of our house. Anupama says that if it is a matter of your house, then why did you not solve it in your courtyard and it is matter not about your house but it is the matter of our children.

Today’s episode ends here 

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