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Anupama 30 September 2022 Written Updates

Anupama TV Serial

In the September 30 episode of Anupama, it was shown that Paritosh thanked Baa for bringing Kinjal and Pari home. Vanraj tells Paritosh that we have brought Kinjal for our family and not for you. Kinjal has come home, it does not mean that we have forgiven you, you are lucky that Kinjal has not made any decision yet, you have got a chance, not everyone gets this chance, take care of your family again like this Don’t make mistakes.

Baa also says that it takes years to build a house, but it does not take time to disintegrate, now you have to build your own house. Paritosh says that whatever I have to do for Kinjal and Pari, I will do it.

Baa says that it is good that both Lakshmi have returned home, now we will celebrate the festival of Navratri with great pomp.

Paritosh says that the festival of Mata Rani will be celebrated with the younger Mata Rani. Then Rakhi voices heard that Pari will celebrate all her festivals at her maternal grandmother’s house, Rakhi comes forward and takes Pari from Paritosh’s lap and says that I am taking my daughter and granddaughter to my house and no one is trying to stop me. Don’t try Vanraj tries to say something but Rakhi does not listen to him, then Babu ji tries to convince Rakhi and says that son, there has already been a lot of drama in this house, now don’t get confused towards you. Hearing this, Rakhi says that everything was fine, Baa created confusion by bringing Kinjal here. Hey Babu ji says that Leela and Vanraj must have gone to Anupama’s house to pick up Kinjal, but Kinjal has come here on her own, then Babuji from Kinjal. It is said that son, if you want, then go to your home with your mother, don’t worry about us, we will come to meet you on the same side,

Rakhi says, come on, Kinjal, son, let’s  go home, Kinjal refuses to go home, she says That Paritosh’s mistake is that I do not want to punish the people of the family, what is the fault of the pari and the family members. On the first festival of the pari, the pari will stay in her  house with everyone. I cannot snatch her right from the pari. Rakhi said Oh and what about my right? 

Kinjal says that mother is your right too, but we will walk with you later, now I have to stay here and fix some things, then Kinjal takes Pari and goes to her room.

Baa tells Rakhi that we did not bring Kinjal here by tying a black bandage on her eyes, she has come with her own happiness and you now go to your home. Rakhi says that I will not leave my daughter here alone.

So Baa says angrily that it’s okay, don’t go, but if you want to stay here,  stay as a mother and not as a serpent. 

Babu ji silences Baa and says that I call Anupama and Anuj and call them here, both the girls will celebrate their first festival together. On the left, baa and Vanraj look at each other.

On the other hand, Anupama along with Anuj makes preparations for Navratri in the office towards Diwali, then Anuj looks at Anupama and says that I remember the day when you came to the office for the first time, you don’t even know how to send an email. Today, how well you have taken care of the entire business, that too without any degree. You can live without my office but my business  cannot go further without you 

and then both of them remember their past days, Anuj also recites a poem to Anupama, then he puts music on the phone and Anupama dances on that music.   both of them are very happy, 

It is shown in Shah House that Kinjal is changing clothes to Pari, then Rakhi comes there with green tea for Kinjal and tells Kinjal that haste is not good but son will take more time. It will be difficult to decide. After a while, Baa comes with fenugreek laddus for Kinjal and says that son, the arrival of both of you has brought tears to the house, oh God always keep my house like this. After this Vanraj comes with medicines for Kijal and says that you do not know how happy I am with your arrival, Kinjal, if you need anything, then tell me. After Vanraj’s departure, Kinjal is a bit sad but then she becomes happy seeing Pari.

If Ba takes a lehenga for Pari to wear on Navratri Puja, then Babu ji comes and takes a lehenga for the younger Anu too. Baa says that Kinjal and Paritosh will become one for Pari, just Anupama should not provoke Kinjal in the middle. Then Rakhi says that if you really think so, then Baa says that yes, if both of them live together in the same house, then the troubles will end soon. Rakhi says that if both of them will be together then they will not. Because i will go away with Kinjal, then Baa says that you have tried even before this but Kinjal baby did not go with you. Rakhi says that if she has not gone, it does not mean that she will not go.

On the other hand Anupama thinks whether to call Kinjal or not. When Anuj was doing homework for younger Anu, he said that today’s education struggle has become so difficult that I myself will have to study in order to make Anu fall. Anu says that I will teach  myself and both of you will also fall, Anupama advises to remember him by singing instead of reciting poetry.

Kinjal is silencing Pari, she is not silent, then Kinjal looks at her toys in the cupboard, where she finds Paritosh’s photos on her side, then Paritosh comes there and lovingly hugs Kinjal from behind, then Kinjal gets angry. She screams very loudly.

Today’s episode ends with this. 

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