Skin problems during winter season

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Skin is the outer layer of our body.  Which is very soft and delicate. The effect of changing weather affects it, because the skin withers due to cold or hot winds.  So to maintain the softness of our skin, we should take care of it, especially in winter.  Although our skin needs care and cleanliness in every season, more care is needed in winter, because due to the cold winds, the skin starts to dry and crack.  Becomes dry, allergic to it.  And sometimes blood starts coming out.  In the true sense, the skin starts to look unhealthy.  Ignoring dry skin often aggravates the problem, as the skin loses its moisture in the winter.  The problem is common in this season, because every person, whether they are women, men, or children, irrespective of age, all face this problem.

Because the temperature drops in winter, and it is common for people to have skin problems due to the fall in temperature.  Why there are skin problems in winter: 

1 due to drinking small amounts of water

 2 the skin becomes dry due to not sweating

 3 due to cold winds the skin loses moisture 

 4 body temperature also drops

 5 with warm water 

 6 Protective layer of skin ends due to bathing

 7 Due to lack of essential nutrients of skin 

8 Excess intake of salty things 

9 Due to laziness of people (not exercising at all, lying in bed) 

10 Too much sunshine

The skin of all people is different. so delicate that people get upset as soon as the cold weather starts.  While for some people, the winter season gives a feeling of freshness. They feel more refreshed and energetic. But at the same time the skin has to fight this season.  Only then will we be able to enjoy this season.  People get many types of allergies due to cold in the winter season, such as cold cough etc.

 Why cold winds and morning and evening fog affect people.  That’s why people prefer to lie in bed. People stay in their homes during the winter season.  And nobody goes for exercise or morning and evening walks.  Therefore, skin is also affected due to the laziness of the people because in winter people take bath in deficiency and if taking a bath, they bathe in brisk water, due to bathing with strong water, the outer layer of skin loses its moisture, and in the skin  Dryness, itching and stretching also occur.  And the skin starts to look lifeless.

Problems caused by cold: 

1 torn heel

 2 rough lips

 3 pimples on the face

4 Redness of the face

 5 Stretching of the skin and occasional bleeding 

6 Dandruff

 7 Allergy due to cold weather

 8 Soles of feet and swelling of fingers etc.

In the winter season, proper diet and nutrition is required to maintain the moisture of our skin, because what we eat has an effect on our skin and body. In winters the days are short and the nights are long, that is why.  Since people do not consume their dinner, our body needs more nutrients to cope with the low temperature. Therefore, it is very important to have a healthy diet in winter, so that our body is healthy.  Because a healthy body only has healthy skin. Do not avoid your food, but in this season, you get a lot of seasonal fruits and vegetables. So avoid junk food. And eat seasonal fruits and vegetables,  And drink their juice.

In this season, it is better to use a cosmetic cream to deal with skin problems, use household products, and eat a healthy diet.  So that your skin does not lose its moisture even in winter and is always bright.  Cosmetic products can make your skin worse instead of healing, because the chemicals in them are harmful to our skin.  This winter season is such that this season affects not only our skin but also our hair.  And we also get sick.  So it is challenging to protect yourself in this season.

To get healthy skin, we should also exercise during the winter season so that we sweat a little and maintain the body temperature. By doing exercise, your skin will also breathe and glow in it.  During this season, clean and care for the skin to keep it healthy.  Also, use household products to retain skin moisture.  This will relieve you from the problems caused in the winter season.

Skin care in winter:

 1 In winter, you should take a bath with normal water, not with very hot water, so that the skin does not lose its moisture.  2 plenty of water so that there is no lack of water in the body, and the skin should always glow. 

 Eat a balanced diet, such as carrots, spinach, oranges, guava, etc.  Drink vegetables and fruit juice too.

1 Apply raw milk on the face before going to bed at night. It will make our face glow by removing our dead cells.

2 Keep your body and hair covered well due to cold winds in winter.  So that they do not break and retain their moisture. 

3 Use a good moisturizer on the face. 

4 Reduce the use of soap in winter. 

5 Use glycerin.  Glycerin returns the skin’s moisture and makes it healthier.  

6 Apply aloe vera gel to your hair to remove dandruff in winter.  This will make hair soft and shiny and will not be Russian.

7 Apply aloe vera gel to your hair to remove dandruff in winter.  This will make hair soft and shiny, and neither will be Russian.  Use good quality lip balm for cracked lips. 

8 Applying mustard oil in the navel before sleeping at night will also keep your lips healthy. 

9 Eat soup because it maintains the water level of our body. 

10 In winter, drink warm water instead of cold water. Drinking cold water makes us go to the washroom frequently, and the necessary moisture of the body remains incomplete.  

11 Keep skin clean.   

12 Do exercises.

Who doesn’t love winter?  Everyone loves the winter season, because in this season a lot of healthy fruits and vegetables are eaten. And new flowers bloom, like balls, dahlias and roses etc.  No worms  come out during the winter season, especially lizards, as they become hibernated in this season, and all people enjoy this season with no fear.

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