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Anupama 24 September 2022 Written Updates

Anupama TV Serial

In the episode of Anupama 24 September it was shown that when Sharad is worshiped at Anupama’s house, Anupama tells everyone that I want that not only on the day of Sharad, but we should feed the dogs and cats every day. O virtue, we feed them only one day in a year and never feed them for the rest of the day. We spend lakhs of rupees on ourselves, some of that should be spent on them as well. Anuj says that this is a very good idea, when we also used to live in asharam, we used to cook food for children as well as dogs and cats, we used to go to feed them in turn, then Anuj also recites a poem from his childhood. Whose uncle says that my baba used to say that those with tongues eat even after demanding, the real virtue is in feeding the voiceless, then everyone goes away 

Anuj makes fun of Anupama by showing him the video of his snoring at night. When Anuj hears the sound of the child crying, he tells Anupama that how is the child’s voice in our house? There is no child in our house. Hearing this, Anupama gets shocked, she avoids Anuj as an excuse to watch Anu’s TV.

Anupama goes to Kinjal’s room and feeds Pari with a lot of love, then she talks to Kinjal, then she sees that there are many papers lying there. Anupama tells Kinjal what it is, then Kinjal says that the heart Was trying to put the confusion on paper but did not understand what to do. 

Anupama says that we both believe that life is the same, but the situation is different, when all this happened to me, then half of my life had passed, but in front of you, I had not even left the house, you have written So whatever decision you take, take it thoughtfully, don’t take it under anyone’s pressure.

Suddenly, when Anupama hears the voice of Ba, she comes out. Baa says that he wants to meet Kinjal and Pari, but your sister-in-law is refusing and then Barkha and Baa start quarreling with each other, Anupama stops both of them. Baa  loves Kinjal and Pari. Baa insists to Kinjal that you go to your home, this is not your home, Kinjal refuses but Baa does not agree. Anuj thinks about Anupama that I do not know how she can do all this. Every day there was a new test.

On the other hand Vanraj comes to know that Ba has gone to Anupama’s house, then he tells Kavya that why didn’t you stop Baa. Kavya says that I had tried but Baa did not listen to me, that’s why I sent Samar with him, Vanraj says what poor Samar will do. If Baa says something straight, things will get worse. Vanraj further says that after a long time happiness came to our house, but we are not able to be happy in those happiness, how good it would have been if Paritosh had not done all this. Now what should I tell Baa, she is also right in her place and Kinjal is also fine, she is very upset, then Kavya hugs her and asks him to calm down 

Ba snatches the pari  from Kinjal .But   Anupama takes Arya in her lap.

Baa gets angry at the decision of not coming to Kinjal’s house, she tells Kinjal that if she follows the path shown by Anupama, she will regret a lot because Anupama’s children were elder, so she was free and flew away, but you have just given birth to a daughter. It is very difficult to maintain a child without the Father. And what do you want that Arya also yearned like you were longing for the family. Your mother has a lot of money, she will bring expensive toys, but cannot give the love of the father. How will you take care of the angel alone? Hearing this, Anupama says, “Why are you scaring Kinjal? Baa says that I am not afraid, I am showing the mirror.

On the other hand, Adhik brings ice cream for Pakhi. Pakhi says what would you also think about my family, what kind of family is it, then Adhik says that whose family has no shortage, but I think that everything in your family It is more than necessary as if your father’s anger is your mother’s emotion.

Say these things happened at the time of our relationship, just like the condition of Paritosh today, tomorrow that condition will be yours.  

On the other hand, Baa tells Kinjal that you are not as strong as Anupama, so you get scared at the slightest thing, you start crying, you will not be able to do .Anupama says just not do it. Then she tells Samar to take Baaand go to home. Baa tells Anupama that you are not doing well, Anupama. I know you are taking revenge but if you want to take revenge then take it from me.

Baa further says that Kinjal has millions of crores of people with whom this happens, but like your mother, everyone does not break their house and sit down, and like she has broken her house, she will get your house broken too. Hearing this, Anuj says that enough, not anymore. Since when are you being spoken to, we are listening because we respect you, just you go from here. Anuj tells Samar to take Samar ba with full respect and go from here.

After Baa’s departure, Kinjal starts crying that everyone is upset because of her, then Samar says that no sister-in-law, you are doing absolutely fine, whether anyone supports you or not, I am your younger brother with you, 

Anuj too, Kinjal has to decide herself. He tells for himself, he recites a poem and says think for yourself too.

And that’s where today’s episode ends.

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