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All living beings need food to survive. Without food we cannot even imagine our life. Food has a different significance in the life of all beings.  A person cannot survive without food, because food gives us energy, due to which we are able to do our everyday tasks easily. If we eat nutritious food, then only our body will get energy or else we can be the victim of many diseases. 

 But in today’s time man has become very careless about his food. Today’s young generation does not follow a balanced diet, but eats junk food out of the extreme. A balanced diet keeps our body healthy. While junk food  Diseases surround our body, we are not able to keep ourselves physically and mentally healthy. Nowadays young children do not like nutritious food. Nutritious diet makes them bored quickly. Due to which many mothers  stop giving nutritious food to their children, and start giving out products.

Due to which children are not able to develop well, and they fall prey to diseases.  Therefore, the mother should use new ways of feeding her baby a balanced diet.  Children should cut cucumbers, tomatoes in a salad.  So that by eating a balanced diet, the physical and mental development of the child can be done properly.  Problems caused due to not eating a balanced diet: 

1 The physical and mental development of the body is not good.  There are 2 types of diseases that surround our body.  Such as: – diabetes, heart disease, obesity, high blood pressure etc.

 2 dies quickly.  (Lifetime is work)

 3 The body is not the right size. 

 4 Children are not interested in sports.

5 they are not able to do everyday tasks properly.

6 Appears to be prematurely older.

 7 Fatigue begins to occur quickly. 

8 Too much sweet food causes teeth to deteriorate quickly. 

9 Disease immunity decreases (sick falls early) etc.

 It is believed that a healthy mind resides in a healthy body, if our body is healthy, then we can do everything properly and at the same time keep our thinking positive, because a person with an unhealthy body  Neither is able to function properly, nor is he able to think positively.  His mind leads him to negative activities. Unhealthy body is the biggest enemy of human beings. Due to an unhealthy body people fall prey to wrong habits.  Due to which people further reduce their health.

Eating a balanced and nutritious diet is the foundation of physical activity and healthy living. It keeps us away from tiredness, and also the diseases of the body.  And gives a healthy person a longer life.  Because when we take a healthy diet, it enters our body and fixes the bad cells and tissues of our body.  Proteins, minerals, carbohydrates, water, vitamins, minerals etc. are included.  By including all these things in our food, we can provide energy to our body as needed.  Which is impossible to meet outside junk food.

Benefits of eating a balanced diet:

1 Our body remains healthy. 

 2 A balanced diet protects us from diseases.

3  Eating a balanced diet provides a sufficient amount of energy to the body. 

 4 Eating a balanced diet makes our heart function properly. 

 5 A balanced diet is very important for muscles and bones.

 6 Digestive by eating a balanced diet:

Digestive function

7 By taking a balanced diet, digestion is good.

8 Healthy food makes the mind sharp. 

 9 The body becomes strong.

10 Due to a healthy body, we can easily work in our daily life without feeling tired.  By eating a balanced diet, we can keep our body weight balanced, which is the hallmark of a healthy person, etc. 

 In today’s busy lifestyle, people do not have time to even have a meal.  But to live a healthy life it is very important to eat food (a balanced diet).  In earlier times people used to pay a lot of attention to their food and drink, because the life of the people was very simple. They lived a relaxed life.  Therefore the earlier people used to be healthy, and kept away from diseases, and also lived a long life.  But in modern times, people are forgetting the importance of a balanced diet. 

Healthy food has no place in his life, because all the people are busy in their work because they eat only a little food, or eat junk food. 

 Nowadays, people pay more attention to delicious food.  Due to which they are forgetting the quality of a balanced diet.  Admittedly, junk foods are tasty, but these junk foods are not nutritious, which is why they are harmful to our health.  Similarly, fried roasted or high chili spicy food damages our body, and diseases surround our body. Therefore, it is the duty of all people to keep their body healthy, fit and fit by adopting a healthy diet.  , So that diseases stay away from us. To live a healthy life, we must adopt and develop healthy habits.

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