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Anupama 26 September 2022 Written Updates

Anupama TV Serial

In the episode of Anupama 26 September it was shown that Baa comes to her house screaming that Kinjal did not come with me. I said this much but Anupama did not allow her to come. Vanraj takes care of Ba, then Ba tells God to fix everything in my family. 

On the other hand, when Anuj goes to the office, Barkha says that Anuj today  is sunday, then Anuj says that you are forgetting that Sunday is not for Bose, then Anuj tells Anupama that if there is any need, call me then that office Goes 

Samar’s phone comes on Anupama’s phone, he tells that brother’s message has come, he is saying that I will do something myself and he is also missing from home, when Anupama is talking, Kinjal listens to everything. And she gets very scared, Kinjal tells Anupama that if  he has done something himself?

Anupama assures Kinjal that he will not do anything. And then Anupama says that you have no faith in me and Anupama goes in search of Paritosh.

Baa shouts a lot in Shah House that I want my grandson, then Kavya says that everyone is already upset, why are you increasing the tension, then Anupama comes there and tells Ba that your grandson will be found, he will not do anything. So Baa starts telling him things 

that you are mother or stone.women lost if even a dot  , then she gets upset and your son is lost, but you don’t mind hearing this, Anupama says what to do. I cry by beating my chest.

On the other hand, Anuj checks the files of the office, on which work is not started, then Anuj questions Ankush, Ankush tells God that there is some drama happening in the Shah family, even today, something should happen and this Anuj should leave the office. .

When Kinjal is sitting in tension, Barkha tells her that you should not have done this with Paritosh, believe that he has made a mistake, but do not punish him so much that he sits on some other mistake, which you will regret for the rest of your life. She further says that I do not know what Anupama wants, but if something happens to Paritosh, then everyone will forget what was the mistake of Paritosh, only they will say that whatever happened happened because of you. Barkha goes and thinks that my words have any effect on Kinjal or else Anuj and Anupama will make this house a Dharamshala which I will not allow to happen. 

On the other hand Vanraj and Samar come back home, all the people ask Paritosh but they say that Paritosh has not found enywhere 

. Vanraj tells Kavya that if Paritosh should not do anything to himself, there is a distance of one step between death and life, I should not lose Paritosh. 

Anupama calls Anuj and tells the whole thing. Anuj says that Anupam, how are you so calm even though you are a mother, then Anupama says that because mother knows the spectacle of her child,

Anupama thinks that what is going to be done to him  suddenly.the thought comes, 

It is shown at Anupama’s house that Anuj comes home, Kinjal hugs him and starts crying and says that just once Paritosh should come in front of me. Then Paritosh stands at the door and tells Kinjal that you want to meet you, your Paritosh has come. Everyone gets shocked, Paritosh says a lot that let me meet Pari once but Anuj says that you can come to this house only when Kinjal says. Can’t come in but you can come out. When Paritosh’s feet tremble, Anuj says that you have come after drinking Paritosh. He says yes a little. Kinjal says that you have come after drinking to meet your daughter. Anuj forbids Paritosh to come in but Paritosh comes in and despite Kinjal’s refusal, he lifts Pari in his lap. Anuj says that your drama happened a lot. Get out of the house. Suddenly Paritosh falls on the table and then he picks up the knife, Paritosh tells Kinjal that if you do not listen to me, then I will give my life. Anuj says don’t be mad on this Paritosh says yes I have gone mad but Kinjal if you don’t go with me then I will really give my life and I am not joking then Anupama comes from behind and says So give your life.

Today’s episode ends here 

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