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Little children are the beauty of every house, because the whole house resonates with the child’s killers.  The birth of a child does not only bring happiness to the parents, but the whole house deserves equal in this happiness.

Therefore all parents want their child to be healthy.  Parents make every effort to keep the child healthy.  With increasing age they also provide nutritious food to it, it also includes milk fruits and various types of selex.  However, in the first 6 months, mothers breastfeed their baby, because at that time there is no other nutritious food for the baby.  But as the child develops, the mother should feed her child a little food other than milk, such as: – Khichdi, porridge, lentil water, potato, mashed banana etc.

With increasing age, the body of the baby is not only dependent on milk, but with a very nutritious diet, his body develops well.  If the body of the baby does not develop properly, then the baby will remain unwell and fall prey to diseases.  Because young children are very weak, diseases quickly surround them.  If the baby’s development is weak from the beginning, then his body will face those problems even when he grows up.  Healthy food is very important for the correct size and development of the body of young children.

Benefits of giving nutritious food to infants: 

From birth onwards, physical and mental development will be fine.  

2 diseases will be far away.  

3 Eating nutritious food will increase the appetite of the children. The digestive activity will also be good. 

 4 Your child will always be fresh and alive. 

 5 He will not have the problem of irritability 

6 Health habits will be made from the very beginning. 

7 The thinking of the child will also be positive. 

 8 The child will feel well in sports.

Young children are very tantamount to eating food, because they like less nutritious food.  Due to which the nutrition of infants remains incomplete.  Which is a concern, because incomplete nutrition for young children is dangerous for their future.  Nutritious food has all those qualities, which increases the growth of the baby’s body.  But most mothers complain that their child does not eat nutritious food, but he likes snacks.  Therefore, some mothers give their child food of their choice due to excessive pampering.  By doing this, they affect the health of their child, because this habit of the children remains intact even when they are older.

The mother should take as much food as possible for her baby, which is full of nutritious elements. That diet should include all the things that are necessary for the development of infants, such as: Vitamins, Minerals,  Carbohydrates and other nutritious ingredients etc.  Therefore, ensure the diet of your children for their overall development.  Feed them a variety of foods. Feed children mostly nutritious food during sports, because at that time the child’s full attention is on the game.  Outside food, snacks, or unhealthy food harm the child.

Problems / diseases caused by not feeding healthy food to children: 

1 The body length of infants is reduced.  

2 Babies learn to speak and walk late.  

3 Their psychological development is work.  (The brain is not fully developed) 

4 There is a lack of blood in the body. 

 5 Constant sadness, irritability and fatigue are seen in infants. 

 6 Physical and mental development is slow.  

7 Loss of appetite.

  8 By the age of, their weight remains very low.  

9 Lack of sleep (causing watery eyes). 

10 Obesity, throat swelling, body swelling, beriberi diseases. etc. 

Small children depend on more milk or breastfeeding.  Therefore, the mother does not pay much attention to the nutrition of her child, because she believes that breastfeeding gives the baby the necessary elements.  While they think it is wrong.  The physical, mental and psychological development of the child cannot be completed by breastfeeding alone. The child needs the necessary nutrients along with breastfeeding to have a happy childhood.  All parents should make their children a healthy diet, because whatever love you feed children from 1 to 2 years of age, they will remember the taste of it throughout their life and will always eat a diet rich in protein, vitamins.

Children from newborn to 1 year develop very fast, so parents should feed their child nutritious food. It is very difficult to feed healthy children at this age, because children do not like to eat it.  They come or else they take a long time to eat this food.  Therefore every mother should give time to her child along with loving caress.  If the child is refusing to eat, do not forcefully feed him, but after some time try to feed him again.  Whenever you eat food, feed the child along with it, it will continue to provide nutritious elements daily and at the same time his body will always be full of energy.

What to do to keep young children healthy: 

1 Banana: – will give energy to the child and also increase the weight and body size of the child, Banana is very beneficial. 

 2. Use ghee in baby food. Ghee is very important for the health of the child.  

3 green vegetables are rich in nutrients, and also keep the digestive system fine.  Therefore, feed more and more green vegetables to the child.  

4 Semolina pudding is a nutritious diet.  It is also helpful in increasing the weight of the child.

5 By eating curds, your baby’s bones and teeth will remain strong, and at the same time the body will also gain strength, so feed curd or buttermilk once a day to the child daily.

6 Eating dates is very beneficial for health.  This increases the weight of the child and keeps the child healthy.

7 Give your child some fruit or vegetable juice daily.

8 If the weight of your baby is more or less than required, then you should feed your baby by adding honey to the milk.  It helps in balancing our body weight.  

9 pulses are rich in protein.  Therefore, lentil water is very beneficial for small children.

10 eggs is rich in protein, and you can feed an egg yolk to a child of 6-7 months.  

11 Potatoes are very important for weight gain.  It is a good source of carbohydrates and energy.

12 porridge is a nutritious diet for young children.  By eating oatmeal daily, the child gets all the nutrients, and at the same time the body shape is also right.  

13 fruits contain sufficient amounts of nutrients, they keep your child fit and away from diseases.  Therefore, make children have the habit of eating fruits regularly.

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