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Acne is one of the problems related to our skin. Most of the younger generation is struggling with this problem.  Girls or boys are troubled by all the pimples, because pimples reduce the effect of our face.  Every person’s beauty is with his or her face.  Everyone’s first glance goes on the human face.  So everyone wants to see their face shining like the moon. Especially girls want unblemished skin at every turn of life. But sometimes people get rash, pimples or allergies due to pollution or excessive heat.  Because of which the face looks ugly, and the person feels uncomfortable with a bad face.  The problem of acne is now not only seen in boys or girls, but this problem is becoming very common in children and elders today.  People believe that when young people enter their teens, then they face the problem of acne.  But now it is not so, there may be many more reasons for acne to emerge on the face of which we do not know.

Causes of Nail Pimples: 

1 Wrong food

2 Drinking water :- Drinking water in small quantities

 3 Causes of pollution 

4 Consumption of sugary foods

5 Malfunction of digestive system

 6 Use of various types of cosmetic products 

 7 Mostly due to being in the sun

 8 Due to lack of sleep 

 9 Junk food 

10 Lack of cleanliness 

11 Staying stressed 

12 Changes in hormones

 13 Use of excessive medicines

Acne is one such condition of the skin.  Stains that appear red, black and white on the skin or appear like small grains, and sometimes red grains also appear in larger sizes.  The oil glands of our whole body are found, which prove to be helpful in making our skin oily. These glands are on the whole body except our soles and palms.  The pores of the skin are attached to the cells of these oil glands from inside.  

When oil is formed more than normal in these glands, the outer layer of skin starts to block, due to which the oil remains inside, and cannot get out.  In this way, germs in the glands grow inside and cause infection, and come out on the face in the form of pimples. Some people also have it on the back.

It is common for pimples to occur in girls from 14 to 17 years of age and in boys from 16 to 19 years of age.  But most people also get pimples later on, and as we get older

 it disappears gradually, if they do not boil. Because some people have a habit of getting a facial.  Even if there is a grain, they keep touching it, until they burst it.  Pimples are aggravated by acne, and this creates a serious problem.  After using many medicines and products, pimples are reduced to some extent, but their scars remain on our face forever. Therefore, do not get pimples and get treatment.

Measures to reduce the effect of acne: 

1 Do not use too much oil, ghee and spices in food

 2 Consult a dermatologist doctor in case of acne.

3 Drink 10 – 12 glasses of water in day

 4 Stay stress free 

5 Avoid Use of more medicines 

 6 Use limited amount of salt 7 Get enough sleep 

8 Do not press or touch your acne 

9 Avoid junk food 

10 Do not eat hot cheese 

11 Stop drinking tea, coffee 

12 Use good cosmetic soap 

 13 Exercise in fresh air 

14 Keep facial cleansing

 15 Cover your face while going out.  

Every person has a problem with nail pimples at some time, so individuals start using chemical products to get rid of these problems, because they think that using these products will remove pimples.  But this does not affect pimples, but the face becomes more unsightly than before. Therefore, we need to make some changes in our skin routine to correct the pimples, and also use household products instead of using chemical products.  It would be beneficial to use.

The only way to get rid of nail pimples is household products, because using them will make our face cleaner and brighter than before, and the problem of acne will be gone forever.  Admittedly, it takes time to use them, but it does not harm our face nor do we have to spend money.  In today’s bustling life, people do not have time to rest for 2 minutes, so people prefer to use the chemical products of the market instead of using these household products, because we use these products in less time.  Do it, but the face gets worse than before.  That’s why you use household products, and keep your face glowing

Household products to get rid of pimples:

 1 Using toothpaste on pimples will reduce the size of pimples. 

 2 Using ice wrapped in cloth will reduce pimples.

 3 Honey is very beneficial for pimples, applying it on pimples for 20 minutes will benefit

 4 Aloe vera gel is a panacea to remove pimples.

5  Apply the powder on the pimples, and wash the face with water after drying.

6 Add a pinch of turmeric and a few drops of lemon and curd to the lentil powder and apply on the face. The pimples will disappear.  

7 Clean your face with cotton by adding raw milk and lemon.  By doing this, the dirt on the face will be removed, and even the pimples will not come.   

8 Mix lime and tomato juice in multani mitti and apply it on the face. By doing this, the color will also be clear and the pimples will also go away. 

 9 Regular intake of curd will not cause acne.

10 Once a week, adding turmeric, honey and rose water to curd on your face, applying on the face will help in acne. 

 11 Acne is also overcome by taking a balanced diet.

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