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Weight gain or muscle mass is as difficult for thin people as it is for fat people to lose weight. Just as people can reduce their obesity by adopting certain methods, similarly underweight people can also increase their weight by paying attention to their food, because eating turmeric will increase the weight of our body, not our stomach fat. So always keep your plate balance, and consume high calorie food, which provides energy to our body, builds muscle in us. So eat healthy food, and avoid junk food.

Many people say that they eat a lot, but still are not obese. They believe that diet does not matter to gain weight. While it is wrong to think so, because whatever we eat, good or bad, health or unhealthy, it affects our body weight. So always eat protein rich food. Some people start eating fatty food or junk food to increase their weight, because they think that eating these things will increase the weight quickly, but these things do not increase the weight in our body. Fat increases, which is harmful. Losing weight can cause a lot of problems, as a body with a low weight is not agile compared to a healthy weight body. Quickly illnesses surround them, as their defense power decreases.

Troubles due to low weight: 1 person gets tired early while working 2 person does not sleep properly 3 gets suffering from mental stress 4 cannot carry much weight 6 TV can also be caused by continuously decreasing weight 7 No dress looks good on the body due to low weight. Loss of weight is a disease that reduces the body weight of a person according to his age and height. Such a person is not considered healthy. Being low weight leads to lack of physical stamina. And we are not able to do daily work properly. Because underweight reduces our immunity. Underweight causes not only men but also women too. Problems of becoming a mother etc. Some women fall prey to infertility.

People feel tired quickly due to being underweight. A person’s memory and day-to-day activities also have a bad effect due to the person’s body getting proper nutrition. Underweight people do not have fat cells, due to which they do not get strength, and the body feels weakness. The right diet not only energizes the body, but also keeps us away from diseases. Thin people are more careless about their diet. Therefore, a person who wants to keep his health, then he can improve his daily life by eating the right food.

Now-a-days people have got up to speed, and adopt new methods to keep their body fit. Some people do not participate in any kind of activities due to being thin, because their body is weak due to thinning. is . So these people include nutrients in their diet to keep their body fit and fit, so that they can become physically and mentally strong. But there are people who do nothing to keep their bodies fit. Neither do they eat proper diet, nor do they exercise. Due to which their body appears weak. The body of such a vein appears on the body. Only bones are seen on the body. Their muscles begin to shrink, their pairs of fingers become thicker. Now underweight people do not get upset, but take nutrients and keep your body fit, so that your body looks healthy, and your personality attracts everyone. Started.

Some tips to keep the underweight body fit etc . Because they get energy from the body. And the leanness of the body goes away. 4 Get adequate and deep sleep. Because of good sleep, the body gets adequate nutrition. Do 5 regular exercises so that your body stays fit, not increase fat on the stomach. 6 Stay away from stress. Why our body starts getting weak due to stress 7 Lose weight regularly to increase body weight 8 Take ghee and healthy sugar in your food 9 Do not drink water before eating. Because water fills the stomach and we are unable to eat properly, eat 10 bananas with milk. Because it is beneficial for our body

Eat bananas with 10 milk. Because it is beneficial for our body 11 Tea, ignore coffee 12 Do not smoke 13 Have a good sleep one hour in the afternoon 14 Eat ashwagandha, as it is beneficial in increasing body weight 15 Eating three four times a day Eat 16 foods rich in carbohydrates. 17 Eat food on a large plate, so that you can eat more food. 18 Avoid junk food. 19 Drink sufficient amount of water. So that the skin stays hydrated, and help in removing the body’s junk. Take 20 dry fruits with milk. This will increase your body weight. 21 Chew the food properly.

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