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Anupama 1 October 2022 Written Updates

Anupama TV Serial

In the  1 October episode of Anupama, it was shown that Kinjal pushes Paritosh to beware who tries to come to me, then stays away from me. Paritosh says calm down, Kinjal. But Kinjal gets very angry, all the family members come there, and Rakhi says what is happening. Why are you troubling my daughter? Paritosh says that I have not done anything. Everyone asks Kinjal what happened.

Anupama reminds Anu the poem, which she remembers, Anuj is happy, he says that I want all of us to be happy in our small world. Then Kinjal’s call comes, Anupama looks at Anuj, he says that talk. 

Everyone asks Kinjal what happened, you are fine, then Kinjal says that how can I be fine in this house despite Paritosh. She says that I went to my mother’s house so that I can live in peace there but You guys didn’t let me stay. Sometimes Baa used to reach there, sometimes Paritosh and sometimes Papa. cold, even   a cough, it takes three to four days to recover, then I am a human, how can you guys think that I should become the previous Kinjal so soon, keep on laughing, I came here as a daughter, Paritosh, not as a wife I understand that you people remember Pari, you are not able to stay away but someone should understand me too.

Then Anupama comes there and says that I had already said that no one will pressurize Kinjal. Kinjal runs away and hugs Anupama, seeing that Rakhi thinks that if the child has any problem, then she goes to her mother and there is my daughter who goes to the mother of her useless husband, Kinjal to Anupama only. You get relief.

Baa tells Anupama that before you give your speech, let me tell you that we have not harassed or pressured Kinjal. Paritosh also says that I was just trying to persuade, that much is my right, isn’t it? 

Anupama says that only your rights are made, why no duty is made, hearing this, Paritosh says that mother, don’t set fire again.

Before Anupama says anything, Kinjal angrily tells Paritosh to stop your chatter. I have come from my mother’s house so that my mother should not be blamed for any of my decisions, my mother does not have to listen to ba’s taunts. I have come here to give time to mother Anuj and Anu, it does not mean that I have forgiven Paritosh.

Kinjal says that I have made a decision for which no one will blame my mother, it is my own decision, she says that I want to divorce Paritosh, everyone gets shocked, Babuji sits down while taking care of him. Hitting her head, she says that Anupama, you are a witch who ate the happiness of your own son, you first ruined my son’s house and now ruined my grandson’s house.

Kinjal shouts angrily that just do it, you too will not say anything to my  mother and your house was ruined by your son and now by your grandson. Like mother, I will not tolerate everything silently for 25 years, 

Kinjal further says that I will stay in this house until divorce happens because it is my right to give all the money spent on Pari after divorce. Paritosh sits on his knees and apologizes to Kinjal, on this Kinjal says that no, Paritosh, I am tired of hearing your sorry, I thought that you will improve but you make mistakes again and again and put the blame on others. Yes, you could never become a good son or husband and never a good father. How do you think I will forgive you? The one who called my child miserable before being born out of my pregnancy and who could never respect his mother, I cannot live with that person anymore. For you, I left all the comforts of my mother’s house but you betrayed me, I will not leave you like this, how will I do the court of cheating on you so that all men like you get a lesson, Paritosh says that more is happening now Kinjal .

Kinjal says otherwise what will you shout? 

Kavya says that Kinjal calm down, Kinjal says that I should calm down, the man to whom I am showing the mirror is pacifying me.

Baa says that Kinjal, what are you saying about all this, you will take the matter of the house to the court, what will be the honor of the house and what will happen to Paritosh, then Kinjal says that I am doing all this because all the other men know. Let’s see how many big mistakes they make everyday.

Vanraj says to Kinjal what are you saying all this, you are angry, calm down now, ” Kinjal says that Papa, you had said that you will support me in every decision, so what has happened to you now. On this Baa says that then we did not know that you would talk about throwing out everyone’s respect like this. On this Babu ji shouts angrily that no one will say anything to whomever has gone wrong, he has the right to decide, O Kinjal son, do whatever you want.

Paritosh starts clapping loudly that what a great family I have got, I should build a temple for my house, a person is talking about taking me to court. He tells Kinjal that whatever you do, I will not mind. Kinjal says that now I have become a stone, your love has made me weak, so now I will also punish you and get you punished.

Baa says that we used to call it small Anupama, but it has gone beyond that, it is a serpent, it is a serpent.

Kinjal tells Anupama that I have seen you fighting, will you support me in this fight?

Anupama says that even if you do not say, I support you, Kinjal touches Anupama’s feet and hugs her.

Today’s episode ends here 

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