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Anupama 29 September 2022 Written Updates

Anupama TV Serial

In the September 29 episode of Anupama, it was shown that Vanraj and Leela Ba pressurize Kinjal to go home with them. Vanraj tells Anupama not to try to provoke Kinjal.

When all the people Baa Vanraj and Anupama keep giving their arguments, Kinjal says that okay I will go home. Anupama gets shocked, Kinjal goes to pack her luggage, Vanraj tells Anupama that you can come home to meet Pari but do not try to break Paritosh’s house.

Anupama says that you also do not try to break my kinjal and Anupama tells to baa that if you  try to press the kinjal, otherwise you keep my five-page lecture and sword ready.

Kinjal comes with her belongings and apologizes to Anupama, Anupama says that whatever your decision will be, I am with you, just listen to your heart, do not take any decision under any pressure.

Kinjal says, “Mother, I   want to give a chance to myself not  anyone else. You have taught me that you do not run in trouble, but face trouble. If I want to fight a battle, then I have to put it in the field.

Anupama calls Kinjal all the best, then Anupama takes Pari in her lap and says that your mother is your shield, you should not let your mother weaken you, always be her shield and Anupama takes a  photo of  pari  for little Anu  .Kinjal then goes to Shah House,

Anupama is sitting alone doing her work, then Barkha comes there and tells Anupama that Vanraj should not have taken such Kinjal, Paritosh made such a big mistake that he How can Kinjal forgive him, then Anupama says that as Anuj forgave you people. 

When Babuji sees Kinjal coming, a smile comes on his face, he takes the pari in his lap, everyone in the house becomes happy, Paritosh also comes, he wants to say something after seeing Kinjal but Kinjal says  I want to tell a few things first that I have come to this house only for the family, Papa has told me that whatever my decision is, my father will be with me. In this house Paritosh’s wife is not   Pari’s mother. I have not come here to listen to anyone’s taunts or talk, no one will try to put pressure on me, whether I forgive Paritosh or not.

Babu ji says that absolutely no one will bother you son and if someone bothers you then no one will be worse than me.

Paritosh says that I will not disturb you at all, it is enough for me that both of us will live under one roof with Pari.

Kavya says that Paritosh should remember what he said.

Paritosh takes Pari in his lap and loves him very much, says that daughter, father has missed you a lot, while 

Anuj and little Anu come home, Anu gets angry after hearing about Kinjal’s departure from the house 

. Anuj also says that he does not like going to Kinjal’s Shah House. Anupama tells Anuj that how will Kinjal fight this battle alone, then Anuj says that you do not worry, Kinjal has seen you fighting, this is her fight and she will learn.

When Rakhi comes to Anupama’s house, she is very angry to know that Kinjal has gone to Shah House, Rakhi tells Anupama that why did she let Kinjal go, there Paritosh will harass her and baa will taunt to Kinjal even if paritosh makes a mistake. .

Anupama says that no one can take the guarantee of Paritosh on the left baa, but I could not stop Kinjal because this decision was her own.

Hearing this, Rakhi says angrily that whatever happens now, being Kinjal’s mother, I will do it because first I saved Paritosh so that Kinjal should not be hurt but now the truth has come in front of everyone, so I have no fear now you See what I do. Anupama explains to Rakhi that let Kinjal decide herself but Rakhi does not agree, she says that I will do whatever happens just wait and watch now. and she went away.

Anuj tells Anupama that you do not speak in this matter, it is the matter of all of them’s houses.

Today’s episode ends here 

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