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Anupama 23 September 2022 Written Updates

Anupama TV Serial

In the episode of Anupama 23 September it was shown that Barkha tells Kinjal that a man who can cheat once can cheat again and again and then it is the blood of Vanraj, you divorce Paritosh and move forward in life. Kinjal says I don’t want to talk about it. 

 When anupama talks to anuj just then kinjal comes and cries that mummy pari is weeping , please come soon mummy as soon as possible . anupama said i am coming 

On the other hand, it is shown in Shah House that Baa tells Vanraj to bring Paritosh home or else it will be a disaster. She further says that you too had made a mistake, we did not take you out of the house. Go and bring Paritosh.

On the other hand, at Anupama’s house, Kinjal shouts loudly that do something, Pari is crying, then Anuj sends the superintendent to call the doctor and tries to help Kinjal himself, when suddenly Anuj collides with the table and falls. Kinjal screams loudly for help and then Anupama comes there, seeing Anuj, she quickly runs for his help, on the other hand Kinjal shouts that mother looks at Pari, she is crying, then Anupama looks at Pari. Sometimes she  sees Anuj and sometimes she sees Pari. The little Anu also cries looking at the father. Anupama is able to fix everything with difficulty.

On the other hand, Paritosh himself calls Vanraj and says that Papa, you threw me out of the house, but when you made a mistake, no one took you away from your family. Anyway, I made a mistake that you had deceived my mother for eight years but still I stood with you. Papa, I don’t feel so bad if you were right, but you yourself have made a mistake and are punishing me, he further says that Papa spoiled my whole life with you and mother, then what will I do after living? I go and say this, Paritosh disconnects the phone, Vanraj tries to call Paritosh but the phone does not seem  to work.

 After everything is fine, Anupama starts crying loudly that it was all my fault, I can not manage anything. I should not have left Kinjal and Anuj alone because the doctor had said that do not leave Anuj alone but I considered the work more important and left you guys.

Anuj and Kinjal say that no, why are you calling yourself wrong, you have not done anything, then a call comes from younger Anu’s school that Anupama ji left in a hurry and due to non-payment of fees, Anu’s admission could not be done.

Anupama says that this also happened because of me, Anuj explains to her that it is not your fault in this, then Vanraj’s call comes on Anupama’s phone and she asks Anupama whether Paritosh had called you. Anupama does not answer.

On the other hand Vanraj says that he does not want to disturb Anupama by telling about Paritosh but he is very upset for Paritosh, then Samar comes there and tells Vanraj that Papa Paritosh is absolutely fine. He is at a friend’s house and I have talked to a friend, he will keep an eye on Paritosh.

Anuj puts Anupama to sleep, Kinjal tells Anuj that I do not want to disturb my mother, so I will leave from here now. Then Anuj says that you can go but I cannot go anywhere, on this Kinjal says that why are you alienating your mother by saying this, Anuj explains to Kinjal that the same thing is for you too. You are his daughter and Arya is his granddaughter, if you go away, she will feel so bad. Then Anuj tells Kinjal to take rest,

Anuj tells God that God should heal me for Anupama, I want to be his support and not want to take his support,

On the other hand, she is doing preparation of Sharad and she explains about Sharad 

is Kavya. 

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