Anupama 8th September 2022 Written-Update Welcome to Kinjal in Shah House

Anupama TV Serial

In the episode of Serial Anupama 8 September it is shown that Anupama performs Kinjal’s aarti and Vanraj blows the conch, then Kinjal and her daughter enter the house, after coming inside, Anu comes to her but Leela stops her. After this, all the people of the house insist on taking the child, on which Anupama says that they do some rituals first, then she asks Paritosh to blow air with peacock feathers, only then Samar smiles and says that hey no child. Papa, let him wind up how much he is sweating.Hearing this, Paritosh says that no, there is no such thing. Rakhi thinks in her heart that I am controlling my anger only till my granddaughter’s rituals are done properly but I am getting very angry on this fulfilment

Then everyone comes with peacock feathers, Anupama tells Rakhi that we all have done many rituals, now this ritual should be done by the grandmother of the girl child. But Rakhi does not give the girl to Paritosh, but she gives it to Kinjal, everyone is shocked to see this and Lil Ba tells Rakhi that what kind of intoxicant she has come, who does not recognize her son-in-law, hearing this, Rakhi says O that Paritosh cannot handle the responsibility of the Father, then if everyone looks at him with surprise, then he changes the matter.And says that Paritosh has just become a father, so he does not know how to take the child in his lap, hearing this, little Anu says, what is the big deal in this, I can also adopt a baby, but Leela will soon adopt Anu. Stops you from moving forward. After this Rakhi asks Kinjal to take her home with her, on which everyone gets shocked. Vanraj says that both of us have given problems in happiness in the past, but today you have become a grandmother and grandfather, so today no one should spoil our happiness.

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Kinjal also says that Mama, we will come home after a few days. On this Rakhi agrees, then everyone happily adores Kinjal and her children with peacock feathers. Anuj also watches all this on the video call from the phone, when Vanraj and Anupama sit together after adopting the baby at the behest of Leela, then Anuj gets sad seeing this, Barkha and Ankush say that now Anupama is absent. We have to take care of Anuj.

Vanraj tells Rakhi that what happened to you Rakhi sister, you are still angry at Paritosh’s late arrival, then Leela also says that why do you want to take Kinjal to your house, Rakhi says that I am not here. Maybe I have a lot of office work, so I want to keep Kinjal with me, but now I will come here everyday because Kinjal has had an operation and it is necessary to take care of her, then I also want to see whether Paritosh is performing his responsibilities properly or not. Hearing this, Anupama thinks That now we have to find out what is the matter. Vanraj says that Paritosh will take good care of his baby and child.
On the other hand, Barkha makes desi ghee pudding for Anuj as well as makes Anuj realize that Anupama is celebrating happiness in Shah’s house and Anuj is alone here at home. Barkha says that there is such a big celebration, Anupama gets angry after hearing this. Hey, hear this and say it

Whether or not you are misunderstanding, you forget the previous things, Anuj gets very angry on this, he shouts very loudly that leave me alone and then gives voice to Jike. He tells Jike to tell these people to leave from here.

Ankush thinks what did Barkha say that Anuj got so angry then Barkha says that this anger was for Anupama which has come out on us. Today’s episode ends here

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