Anupama 5th September 2022 Written Update: Rakhi alerts Paritosh

Anupama TV Serial

Shown in the 5th September episode of serial Anupama. That’s what Rakhi says to Paritosh. That Paritosh, the mistake you made this time is that if you think of doing something like this in the future, then you cannot escape from me, Paritosh.

Hearing this, Paritosh says that please forgive me. I will not make such mistake again in future

Hearing this, she says Rakhi. Paritosh, if you do anything like this from now on, I will tell the whole truth to your mom Anupama and after hearing the truth, Anupama will do that to you that you cannot even imagine.

Hearing this, Paritosh goes very late and says that please forgive me and do not tell anything to Mom.

Rakhi is to be said on this that I am not telling you anything this time because I do not want my granddaughter to be brought up without a father, but take care from now on.

Then Anupama comes there, seeing Anupama, Rakhi clouds her words.

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Seeing Paritosh, Anupama asks, When did you come to Paritosh?

And don’t go back like this again

Seeing Rakhi, Anupama says, Sister Rakhi, you are hiding something from me. She said, I am not hiding anything from you.

Paritosh has to go from there by making an excuse in the matter of Anupama.

Anupama says the same thing again from Rakhi that Rakhi sister, you are hiding something from me, it is worth Rakhi after hearing that Anupama, you have told that the whole truth is not known and leaves from there saying this.

Anupama gets shocked and asks Paritosh to tell me what happened between you and Rakhi on my oath. On this, Paritosh says that Mom, let all these things remain today, today I have become a father for the first time. Today is a day of happiness. Will never do these things again. Anupama says I have full faith in you.

Rakhi goes to Kinjal’s room where Kinjal Paritosh Paritosh lives.

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Anupama goes to the house where Anuj is waiting for Anupama, she asks Anuj that you have not slept yet.

Anuj expresses his love for Anupama Anuj says that Anupama, I can not even think of living my life without you, then Anupama and Anuj hug each other and then Anuj says that what is Anupama for you today It’s a happy day and you are looking troubled. On this Anupama says that Rakhi’s marriage was not going well. Anuj says that if he did not do any spectacle, then there will be no problem, you do not get upset.

On the other hand it is shown that Vanraj is reciting lullabies on the phone, Kavya comes to him very lovingly and says that preparations are going on for his granddaughter, Vanraj says that I will always keep my granddaughter with me. On this Kavya says that means my love has diminished and Kavya hugs Vanraj.

On the other hand, Babuji and Leela were making ladoos. Leela says that Kinjal must have become very weak, so I will stubbornly give this ladoo to her. On this, Babu ji says that there is so much love for the granddaughter. It is like Leela that you go to sleep, on this Babu Ji says that my Leela will work and I should go to sleep. No, I will not sleep. And when he catches Leela’s cheeks, when summer comes, he brings turmeric milk. Seeing Ba and Babu ji like this, he says that I harassed you people but Ma had sent me. On this, Leela says that the girl whom you will marry will be very lucky. Samar says hey, all the time just talking about marriage, I will marry.

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After this, Anupama is taking Anuj to Anuj’s house, only then Barkha comes there and says that do not worry, I have made a pancake for Chotu, Anupama becomes happy seeing this, Barkha would have left from there. Hey then Anuj says that when you were not there, these people took great care of me, but these people have done a lot of wrong with you, due to which they cannot be forgiven, what they are doing is very little.

In the hospital, it is shown that Rakhi’s eyes are attached and when her eyes open, she looks at her granddaughter and says that I have no one except you two, I can do anything for the protection of you people. Then Paritosh What’s the matter, today’s episode end here.

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