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Anupama 7th September 2022 Written-Update Kinjal Come Back Home

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Serial Anupama was shown on 7 September when Anuj tells Anupama that he wants to see Kinjal and her child. Anupama makes a video call to Kinjal. That’s why he also apologises, Kinjal tells that today he will be discharged from the hospital, Anuj tells Anupama that you should go to Kinjal’s house. must go and taking the younger one also takes Anupama on Anuj’s insistence.

On the other hand, it is shown that the whole house is decorated to welcome Kinjal, Vanraj goes to the hospital to pick up Kinjal and his child. Leela says that Anupama has not come yet when I asked her to come early in the morning. Babu ji says that there is a lot of responsibility on him. Will come

Here Anuj tells Anupama that I do not feel like without the little one on your side. You come back soon. Chhoti shows Anuj the welcome card which he made for Kinjal. Anuj is very happy, Then Anupama goes away and goes younger. Anupama prays to God while leaving and says that Kanha ji, I am going to leave the religion of my wife and do my grandmother’s duty to protect my husband.

When Anupama reaches home, she is very happy to see the decorations and praises Pakhi and Samar, then there comes Leela, who tells Anupama angrily that you could not come early, little Anu hears this and says that Papa Leela doesn’t like it after hearing Anu’s answer that her health was bad, Anupama goes to work early, Leela comes to Anupama and saysThat Anupama does not feel bad, but keep Anu away from Kinjal’s child because she will insist on seeing the child and adopting him in her arms and the child may get hurt, on this Anupama says that Ba Anu has been in Arum, she will not do this. Still, if you say so, I will tell Anu to stay away. Leela further says that after the birth of Pakhi, now after a long time, happiness has come to our house. I do not want my granddaughter to face any kind of problem. Hearing this, Anupama says that my mother had also come.

Leela says that she did not come to my house, she came to the Kavadia family, Anupama gets angry after hearing this and she says that in the house where her own daughter is considered as alien wealth, what else should her daughter consider as her own. will go.

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On the other hand, Vanraj stands outside the hospital with his granddaughter in his lap and tells Paritosh to move the car slowly, only then Rakhi says that my granddaughter is staying in the car for the first time, so I want her to sit in the big car. Vanraj says Hey that hey, you take it to your car, but my granddaughter will go in my own lap, on this Kinjal says that you must take it, all of them go to the car, Rakhi runs the car, on the way, Rakhi takes out the car from the unknown path. Kinjal and Vanraj say which way is this? Rakhi says that this is the right path.

On the other hand, all the people are eagerly waiting for Kinjal and the child, Leela tells Anu that when the baby comes home, meet her from afar but Anu says that I want to touch the baby but Leela says that if you want to touch then Touch your mother On this Anupama stops Baa from speaking further.

Anupama inquires about Anuj on the phone. To which Anuj says that you have gone there, then stay there, don’t worry about me. Then the sound of the car comes from outside, Anupama saying goodbye to Anuj and everyone else runs outside, but there is no one in the car, all the people are shocked, only then comes the voice of Vanraj from the back, the granddaughter of grandfather. everyone jumps with joy and goes inside to get the goods to welcome Vanraj. Vanraj gives the child in Kinjal’s lap, Samar and Pakhi spread flowers at the feet of Kinjal, Anupama takes the child’s name and says that your grandmother is her granddaughter. You are the princess of this house. Then Leela says that you are the Laksmi of the courtyard of our house. And today’s episode ends with this.

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