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Anupama 9th September 2022 Written Updates-Paritosh Gets Realty Check

Anupama TV Serial

In serial Anupama episode 9 it was shown that Anupama puts a gift in the cradle of Kinjal’s child which was made by Anuj and Anupama together, then Anupama says that the child is small, he cannot be included in our world, that’s why we people He wants to be included in his world, all people will put gifts of their own choice in his cradle, then everyone puts a gift in the child’s cradle.

On the other hand Anuj sees a file on which a slip is attached which Anupama has written and it is written that you should check this file. Seeing this Anuj says that Anupama you are alone at home, office and the rest. How do you take care of all the responsibilities? Then Anuj asks Ankush to bring all the other files to the office because Anuj wants to know what is happening in the office in his absence. Ankush gets angry on this, but Barkha asks him to be patient, while

Rakhi takes a promise from Anupama that Anupama will always support Kinjal, everyone is surprised that Rakhi is saying such a thing. In between, Leela tells that tomorrow Pandit ji is coming to name the child, so all the people ask to keep the name of the child of their own choice. Anupama goes to the child and tells him that tomorrow your name will be named, tomorrow you will get an identity.

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Paritosh takes Kinjal to the room and takes care of her. Paritosh says that I cannot believe that I have become the father of a daughter. Hearing this, Kinjal says that yes now you are the father of a daughter, now stop looking at the girls. On hearing this, Paritosh says angrily, what are you talking about Kinjal? I believe that I have made many mistakes earlier, but now I will not even care about my life for the happiness of my daughter and you. 

On this Kinjal says that I know that you love me very much. Paritosh says that yes I love you both very much, after a while Kinjal remembers then she asks Paritosh what is going on between you and Mama, if you cannot tell anyone, then I am your wife. Huh, you can tell your wife. Because I am sure that there is something between you and Mama, 

After hearing this, Paritosh thinks that God forgives me by forgetting all the Rakhi wax so that I can also my daughter and Kinjal. I can start a new life with you and I will not make such a mistake again in future.

When Anupama is going to her house, Leela gives her sweets for Anuj and at the same time asks him to come early tomorrow because tomorrow is the naming ceremony which is very special. She says that there is a lot of work at home 

but I will try. Then Vanraj comes taking little Anu in his lap and thanks Anupama, he also asks 

AnupamaHey and Anuj say that I missed you a lot, but Anu says that we also missed you a lot, Papa and I have clicked many photos of the baby. 

Anuj asks Anupama to sit, Anupama inquires about his health, and Anuj says that now you have come, then I am absolutely fine. Anupama tells that Vanraj has invited him and Anuj for the naming ceremony of tomorrow, along with Ankush and Barkha. On the other hand, Babu ji is scolding Leela Ba with anger that you do not claim so much on Anupama, she has her own family and treats her well with younger Anu, otherwise it will not be good.

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The next morning Anuj is getting ready to go to Shah House, then his hand gets stuck in the clothes, he asks Anupama to remove his hand, then Anupama starts harassing him in a joke, meanwhile Anuj gets a shock, Anupama panics and puts Anuj in bed. But he sits and starts fixing his clothes, Anuj starts having some previous thoughts, he shouts angrily and says that just do it Anupama, I am not weak, stop having pity on me. 

Hearing this, Anupama feels like a shock, she weeps and thinks how she forgot the doctor’s advice. On the other hand Anuj also thinks that’s why I vented all my anger on Anupama.

Today’s episode ends here

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