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Anupama 10th September 2022 Written Updates-Rakhi stuns Vanraj and Anupama

Anupama TV Serial

In the episode of serial Anupama 10 it was shown that Anupama is doing all the household chores in a hurry when Anuj comes there, he gives her grandmother’s bracelet to Anupama, Anupama becomes very happy Anuj says that this is your new responsibilities. For this Anupama says that I have become a grandmother, that’s why after hearing this, Anuj says that forgive me Anupama, I should not have shouted at you, Anupama says that no matter what Anuj says or not, I have lost all my anger. Fired on you, I should not have done this, earlier Vanraj used to tell you, now I also tell you, Anupama gets angry on the fact that beware who you compare yourself to Mr. Shaha.

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On the other hand, everyone in Shah House is very excited and while preparing for the naming function, Leela Ba is worried. Paritosh messages Rakhi that forgive me mom, I will never make such a mistake in future. Rakhi gets very angry after seeing the message, she thinks in her mind that before naming, I should tell the truth of Paritosh to all the people. Only then will these people understand what their son is doing behind their back. 

Here, Vanraj comes to Shah House getting ready and asks whether the function has started, on this, Kavita says that how can the function start without grandfather, on this Vanraj says that where is my granddaughter, then only Kinjal is her child. All the people of the house start insisting on taking the child in their lap, Vanraj says that the baby will come in my lap, on this Samar and Pakhi say that what happened in this, you will not do this. But Vanraj says that yes Dada’s dadagiri will work.

Then Rakhi comes there when she sees Paritosh, she gets very angry, she goes to Vanraj and asks to take the child, but Vanraj refuses, on which Rakhi says that what is the matter, you are always You stay at home, give the baby to me. Vanraj and Rakhi start getting confused about adopting the child in lap, Baa gets upset and says that I had told Anupama to come early but she has not come yet, she does not have the slightest sense of her responsibilities, only then Anupama Anuj is younger. And GK comes there.

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And Anuj bas says that my Anupama has come. And I only know how quickly Shah was working to come to the house. Baa has no answer for  Anuj’s words, Vanraj comes to Anuj with the child, Anuj is very happy to see the child, Anupama is also very happy to see him happy, Vanraj gives the child in Anuj’s lap. Hey Anuj denies a lot that the child will not be handled by him, but Vanraj does not believe that he forcibly gives it to Anuj, but when Anuj takes care of the child properly, then he is very happy, Anupama is also very happy to see this.

 Along with Anuj, Vanraj tells Anuj that tell Anuj the baby has absolutely gone on me, Anuj says that yes, he has absolutely gone on my Anupama, everyone starts smiling after hearing this, Baa says that you are all Only Anupama is seen in the thing, look right, it has absolutely gone to me, if I had a photo of my childhood, then I would have shown you people, I was absolutely like Vanraj tells Anuj that where is the rest of the family, Anuj does not have any answer only then There, Ankush comes and looks tireless, seeing all three of them, Baa says that you guys came here, I am very happy, but don’t do anything like that. I am happy to send you from here, but Anuj says that no, nothing like this will happen. 

Anupama tells Kavya that you get Kinjal ready, I see here , after the function is over, everyone leaves, Anupama also starts leaving. Hey, Rakhi stops him, Anupama says what happened Rakhi sister, then Rakhi says that you have to tell the truth of your beloved son, Anupama says that what a true Rakhi sister. Then Rakhi tells the whole truth of Paritosh to Anupama that Paritosh has spent the night in a hotel with a girl on the pretext of going to Mumbai, Anupama gets very angry after hearing this, she starts looking for Paritosh. Vanraj and Paritosh meet Anupama while talking at one place, she comes from behind and gives a slap to Paritosh.

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You are saying Rakhi Mom. Then Rakhi also comes there and says that Anupama, you will believe in your beloved son, but I have full proof of this. Anupama gets very angry after hearing this, she slaps Paritosh on one side and catches Paritosh’s collar. He tries to get her to tell the truth, but Paritosh says that it is not such a big deal in this, Kinjal was pregnant and this was my need. Hearing this, Anupama gets very angry, she slaps Paritosh on one side.

Vanraj also gets very angry but he cannot say anything because when Anupama was also pregnant, Vanraj also had an affair with two or three girls. Today’s episode ends here.

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