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As the summer starts, the sun starts bothering people. Due to its high temperature, old children are rightly disturbed, because in this season a lot of troubles surround our body. Excessive temperature causes excessive sweating of the body.

1 Dry skin
2 Face and skin darkening
3 Allergies or rash on the skin
4 Pimples
5 Hair sticky
6 Feet toe
7 Body odor
8 Skin Prickly heat
9 Eye pain due to strong sunlight
10 Sunburn etc.
Due to which people suffer from diseases like lack of water, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, measles etc. Therefore, we need to be more vigilant in this season, so that we can get rid of these diseases and skin problems. Any person in the world, whether they are a boy or a girl, wants to look beautiful. Admittedly, some humans have had dark brown or black color since childhood, due to which they feel quite uncomfortable.
But in this world some people are quite white, but regrettably, due to the strong sunlight in summer, their color is black. Would have started Due to which their beauty is reduced beforehand, because many troubles in the summer season spoil the skin. All people should take some precautions in the summer to maintain their fair complexion.

Summer precautions:
1 Wear cotton clothes
2 Drink fruit juice
3 Drink 10-12 glasses of water daily
4 Eat green vegetables
5 Wear good quality glasses to protect the eyes from sunlight
6 Apply sun protection cream to the body
7 Reduce Mobile Use
8 Reduce Makeup and Ignore Eye Makeup
9 Get 7 to 8 hours of sleep daily. Walk around in the fresh air in the morning
10 Wear loose clothes so that sweat does not stop
11 AC Use less. Otherwise the skin will become dry
12 Reduce in the sun
13 Wash the face with cold water
14 Keep the body covered mostly.
No matter the weather, our skin demands special care every season. So that the skin is not intact, but sometimes the effect of the weather
Whatever the weather, our skin demands special care in every season. So that the skin moisture remains intact, but sometimes due to the effect of the weather, the skin becomes dry after losing its moisture, and an allergy starts in it. So take good care of the skin in every season. It is not necessary that we can cure it only by applying cream or lotion on the skin, but we can also take good care of it by including some things in our diet.
The problem of pores in our skin is common during the summer season, and the skin starts to darken due to the harmful rays of the sun. In summer, the skin is very delicate and sensitive, and if we take care of it a little bit, then the beauty and glow of the skin goes away and our skin gets spoiled. Because when the skin becomes dark due to the sun, people apply a lot of cream on their face, so that their skin becomes as fair as before. But after using these products, the skin becomes worse than before. Hence the moisture of the skin and He gets pimples, allergies.
Therefore, to maintain the moisture and beauty of the skin, use only home remedies to keep skin healthy and glowing in summer:
1 Cucumber: – Cucumber is very beneficial in bringing glow to the face. Applying a paste of cucumber and curd on the face brings a wonderful glow.
2 Tomatoes: – Mix one spoon of milk and lemon juice in tomato paste and apply it on the face. This paste is very helpful in summer.
3 raw milk: – Raw milk is very beneficial for the skin. It improves the skin. Apply cold and raw milk on the face for 15 minutes, then wash it with water.
4 yogurt keeps the face healthy. Applying curd on the skin will retain the moisture and shine in the skin.
5 Aloe vera gel: – Aloe vera gel is very useful to get rid of the problem of sunburn
6 Lemon enhances the complexion of the skin. Lemon is a good option to avoid the sun’s harmful rays. The face pack of lemon and honey removes the stains of the face.
7 Coconut Oil: – To make the skin soft and healthy, apply coconut oil on the skin. It also gives moisture to the skin.
8 Rose water is helpful in protecting from the rays of the sun.
9 Use of sandalwood: – Sandalwood is cool. It protects our skin from heat and provides coolness, and at the same time relieves skin irritations.
10 Honey is helpful in keeping the skin young. Honey is used to reduce facial wrinkles.
11 Glycerin should be used on the face in the morning and evening in summer. This also ends the problem of burning. It provides moisture to the skin and makes it soft.
12 Potatoes are very helpful in removing dark spots on the skin. Grind the potato and apply its juice on the face.
12 Potatoes are very helpful in removing dark spots on the skin. Grind the potato and apply its juice on the face.
13 Take a shower with cold water. By doing this sweat comes down, and there are no pimples on the face.
14 Always use Lip bum on lips.
15 Always use moisturizer cream on the body.

Hardly anyone likes the summer season? But girls and women do not have it at all, because the summer season brings with it a lot of skin related problems, and also bad odor. In summer, the face also becomes pale, and turns black. Everybody wants to keep their face and skin glowing and shiny, but it is a bit difficult in the summer season as the skin is completely affected by hot winds and strong sunlight.
Some women take special care of their skin, but some women do not pay attention to their skin and face at all. Due to which his face becomes absolutely unsightly and scorched due to sunlight. The summer season does not only affect the skin of humans, but this season also spoils their routine.
People have bad moods, they become irritable with behavior. They get upset due to frequent sweating. Because everyone loves pleasant weather. In a pleasant weather, the person feels very refreshed, stays, and their skin is also very refreshed and refreshed:
and is happy, and their skin also looks very refreshed. In the summer season, the skin demands special care. If it is not taken care of then a lot of problems arise. The skin becomes very bad, due to which people are very upset.

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