Anupama 3rd September 2022 Written Update: Rakhi makes a decision

Anupama TV Serial

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The story of today’s episode of Anupama is as follows, Hasmuk goes to Anupama and asks if she is very upset nowadays, then he asks her what is bothering her.

So after listening to Anupama Hasmuk, she tells him that I feel that Rakhi is trying to hide something from her!

Hearing Anupama’s words, Hasmuk says that seeing Rakhi’s attitude even from her, it seems that she is trying to hide something! And further it says that we should wait now that Rakhi herself tells this!

But on this Anupama tells Hasmukh that Rakhi is unable to tell that what is bothering her is a serious concern.

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But seeing Anupama getting worried for Rakhi, Hasmukh tells her that there is no need to worry about it now and tries to convince Anupama! And Hasmukh tells Anupama that she should now go back home, as Anu and Anuj

Alone at home so you should go home, and take care of them!

To this Anupama says that GK is still at home with Anu and Anuj, and she wants to stay here for some more time!

On this Hasmukh says that there is a woman like a wife, a daughter, and a mother, but people forget that, the woman is only one and she has to play all these characters!

But tells Anupama that this is true but she is very happy with this.

Hasmukh tells Anupama about Leela’s forgiveness that he

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Has insulted the doctor by saying that how can it be that the doctor is less than God,

On this Anupama tells Hasmukh that you are right!

Hasmukh tells Anupama that he has become a great-grandfather, so he can also eat cream rolls in this happiness!

On this, Anupama tells Hasmukh to bring a Bhi cream roll for Hasmukh!

After sometime Anu and Anuj invite Anupama to their place, and Anupama comes to Anu and Anuj and asks them what they will have for dinner tonight!

But on this Anu and Anuj tell Anupama that they are on guard today!

Anupama regrets why Anu is guarding, then Anu says that she is with Anuj!

On this Anuj wants to talk to Anupama but then Paritos intervenes which makes Anuj very worried.

Then Barkha and Ankush come there and decide that they will help Anuj.

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But Anuj refuses to take help from Barkha and Ankush, he says that he does not need their help yet.

But Barkha and Ankush say that they will try until Anuj understands them.

Shah, the employee at the hospital, asks to go out as the time to meet the patient is over, to which she explains that only one person can stay with the patient.

On the employee’s advice, Paritos decides to stay with Kinjal and Baby. But Shah wants to stay there but Rakhi says that Paritos will not agree and he will not go out of here.

Shah gets confused on this matter.

Rakhi tries to convince Shah and Paritos that Kinjal needs a woman to look after him, so she decides to stay with Kinjal.

Leela tells everyone that Rakhi will not leave any chance to take care of Kinjal and baby, Leela and Rakhi decide to leave from there.

When Vanraj is leaving from there, he tells Anupama that he will drop him home, but Anupama refuses to go to Shah, saying that she will make arrangements for her own departure. Here Paritos decides to stay with Kinjal and Baby for a while.

But Rakhi forbids Paritos to do so, so she asks Paritos to take a girl with her to the hotel.

On this, Paritos tries to convince Rakhi but Rakhi gets angry at Paritos and vents anger on Kinjal for cheating on him and she tells him that he is also like Vanraj.

Here Anupama forgets her mobile in the hospital and when she comes back to pick it up, she sees Rakhi telling her her mistakes to cheat Kinjal.

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On this Paritos says that Kinjal was pregnant so she had made the mistake that he had gone after some other girl.

Rakhi gets even more angry with Paritos that she warns him to stay away from Kinjal.

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