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Fashion is an activity that changes from time to time and makes us feel new every time.  It has its own different style for every season or every festival.  Fashion is a way to show the personality of people because the world discovers your behavior and personality with what you wear. It tells the world our characteristics. 

By bringing fashion into our world, we feel our self-confidence growing, so we must keep up with the changing fashion with the seasons and times. Why fashion also tells our likes and dislikes.  This indicates every person’s interest in fashion.  What is the impact of fashion on our lives:

1 boosts confidence.  Promotes

 2 markets. 

 3 This is because of the progress / progress of society and country. 

 4 makes a person beautiful. 

 5 people are able to express their likes and dislikes. 

 6 makes a good impression on other people.  

7 describes the manner and character of people. 

 8 helps to maintain weight.

Adopting new clothes, shoes, sandals, hairstyles, etc. that change with time is called fashion. Because of all the trends, everyone is adopting it. All people give importance to fashion in their life, no matter what.  Be it black, blonde, fat, or skinny, or young man, or elderly. Every person strives to show themselves beautiful.

Everyone has different ways of wearing clothes, because every dress is good on everyone.  Do not look so every person looks at their color, form, body shape, age, etc., they do fashion.  All people have the right to wear fashion clothes of their choice.

Fashion is not just about clothes, but everything comes in fashion that gives new life, happiness and color to the person. 

Nowadays, boys’ hairstyles have become quite common in fashion, they get new types of haircuts and give themselves examples of walking with society.  Girls are no less in terms of fashion, she buys new clothes, sandals, purses etc. every day and attracts people. 

Because in today’s time everyone watches television and what our actors or actresses do, in the same way that the younger generation does today, they try to decorate themselves by looking at them.  They continue to make themselves beautiful by bringing their fashion into their lives.  Such as:

 1 fresh new design clothes.  

2 Hair style 

3 makeup

 4 fashionable purse / bags 

5 shoes etc.

Our country has become quite aware of fashion. Everybody pays attention to themselves. They change their fashion with the seasons, such as light colors and cotton kurtis are seen more in summer as it is comfortable and sweat drying.  Fashion is always cool in summer. 

While in winter people wear dark colored clothes that make them feel warm. For these reasons, fashion has become a rage for the general public. People are mad after fashion, and spend a lot of their money.  Because fashion changes daily and people also adopt it.

People promote fashion to look good in society and get ahead, because the person who wears clothes according to the new fashion, everybody likes it, friendship with him.  We do .  And he himself wants to make a place in the fashion world like her.

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