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Education, Entertainment

Entertainment is a word that can change our lives completely. By bringing entertainment in our life, we can live a long life, because there is a lot of stress in human life today. In this run-of-the-mill life people do not have time because people want to become rich, ahead of others Due to trying to get out, trying to reach the heights, etc.

I spend my whole day, that is, I would spend the whole life like this. There is no word of entertainment in his life. You guys must have realized in your homes how difficult it is for someone to take 2 minutes for someone in the digital world. If some people of the house are sitting together for some time, then they talk to each other. You do not entertain. You must have seen people give their mobiles a favor instead of giving human beings a sense of belonging. Often mobiles used to run anywhere between two humans.

The truth is that we are happy with entertainment. When we are happy, our mind and mind feel refreshed. Because without entertainment there is no excitement, joy, color, and energy, etc.

It is often seen that whenever we are entertained through TV, if we watch a comedy film, we laugh openly which removes our stress. it happens . And if we see some sad or serious film, then we and our heart start crying. Our sorrow and stress is reduced due to crying.

Therefore, due to entertainment, our body’s blood attack also gets better and our digestive system also works properly, due to which we remain healthy.

Our body is like a machine. Just as a machine is turned off for some time after running too much, our body also feels the need for rest. When we are completely exhausted from the body, entertainment gives us a feeling of happiness and our Energy and energy are produced in the body. This is the reason why entertainment has an important place in human life.

Our life has become more busy as the crusher is busy all day long. But the interest of people towards entertainment is not the same, that is why there are many types of entertainment. Some are harmful and some benefit factors.

Occur. 1 Harmful entertainment: –

Harmful entertainment is such entertainment, which causes harm to us and others, it does not give new direction, zeal or happiness etc. to life such as:

1 gamble.

2 Drink.

3 is to smoke.

4 to do prostitution etc.

2 profitable entertainment: – It is such entertainment that brings peace to our mind and due to which we feel very fresh, which does no harm to anyone. like :

1 morning visit

2 book reading.

3 Watching TV (drama or movie)

4 Playing sports.

5 to travel.

6 Listening to music.

7 natural scenery viewing.

8 boat tour

9 Watering of flowers and plants.

10 Drawing (drawing)

11 Bathing in rain etc.

Just like we need to eat food to survive, entertainment is very important for life. Because without entertainment our body starts to fall ill and many serious illnesses take us home due to which people are unable to live their life fully and die prematurely. Entertainment is very important to take interest in our work and to make our body disease free, this makes our mind happy but everything is beneficial in a limited amount. If we use it excessively, then it is harmful for us.

Entertainment is like this, it is very important for our good life, but in a limited quantity. If we focus on our entertainment more than necessary, then we will spoil our life because entertainment is not everything in life. It is only to remove our fatigue and stress, to give happiness and peace to our mind.

You have seen the young generation nowadays that children spend half of their life in entertainment. Such as watching TV, playing mobile, running internet etc.

They do not pay any attention to their studies nor worry about their future. Such children are left far behind in the race for life.

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