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Anupama 15th September 2022 Written Updates


In the September 15 episode of Anupama, it was shown that everyone is sitting in the hall of the house, the children ask them to eat Buddi’s hair outside, but Barkha says that no children are dirty, then Ankush says that no, Barkha was all in childhood. He eats and gives money to the children, meanwhile Paritosh stands up and says that I have something to say to you people, all the people look at him, Anupama keeps looking at Paritosh standing far away, Paritosh says that right now his daughter’s name is It is not kept and I will keep this pet name.

Samar says that but we people should like it. Kavya also supports Samar, Paritosh further says that its name will be Pari. Half of my name and like my lovely Bibi. Everyone likes the name.

Paritosh tells Kinjal that I love you and my daughter very much, I can do anything for both of you, I will work very hard to give a luxurious life to both of you. Sometimes I may have to go out for this, but I will never cheat you, you should never criticize me, Kinjal. Kinjal says never.

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Hearing this, Anupama gets very angry, she shouts very loudly and says that you should be ashamed of some, Paritosh, do some shame. Everyone gets shocked and starts asking Anupama what happened Anupama, how are you telling Paritosh like this. 

On the other hand, Rakhi keeps trying to silence Anupama, but everyone understands that there must be something or the other, everyone asks Anupama to tell the truth and all the things. So Anupama tells the truth of Paritosh  to everyone Anupama tells Paritosh that you have fallen so much that I am sorry to give birth to you that I kept you in the womb for nine months, Paritosh says that shut up mother, I have nothing like this Hey, Anupama says that it is not a regret for your mistake, even Paritosh says that what nonsense are you doing mommy. 

Paritosh tells Kinjal that Kinjal mother is misunderstood, then Anuj says that no Paritosh, my Anupama can never be wrong, but Paritosh says that you keep quiet, do not speak in the matter of our house. Anupama gets angry after hearing this, she shouts that it will be your habit to insult your spouse by keeping quiet, it is not mine, even if you say a word to my husband, then remember I am your mother, even today my position and voice is much more than you.are absolutely right, Anupama doesn’t think it is wrong. Mrs Dave’s silence and Anupama spoke and told you how dare you betray my daughter Kinjal. On this Rakhi says that like you did, the son will not go to the father? 

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Vanraj shouts angrily and says that Mrs. Dave is talking about Paritosh, not mine and what I have done and what he has done, there is a difference between the earth and the sky. Vanraj further tells Paritosh that even if you teach from your father, teach him to make mistakes. Did not teach to work hard, did not teach to fulfill responsibility, did not teach to respect parents.

Paritosh tells Kinjal that all these are lies, Kinjal says to eat our daughter’s oath. Paritosh falls silent. 

Anupama says that thank you, you are so ashamed that you did not swear falsely about your son. But amazing you men, you cannot swear falsely about your daughter, but you make false promises to someone else’s daughter, make false promises, make false statements, make false relationships, that too easily because everything goes on hearing this. Paritosh gets angry, he shouts and says, “Shut up mother, I have made a spectacle of talking so much, I have no affair with anyone, yes, I am a girl, but I don’t even know her full name, just the time.” Kinjal was pregnant and I needed rest and nothing was just physical need but now for me Kinjal and my daughter are everything, O Paritosh, further targeting Vanraj, says, were Papa not deluded, what about Kavya and Papa. didn’t have an affair 

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