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Anupama 6th September 2022 Written Update: Anuj Falls Down

Anupama TV Serial

Anupama, shown in the episode of Serial Anupama 6th September, puts Anuj to sleep, but in the night, Anuj falls down from the bed when he walks his hands while dreaming. When Anupama hears the voice of Dham, her eyes open, she comes to pick him up after seeing Anuj falling down and GK Kaka gives voice to Ankush and Barkha. Why are you raising your voice? Everyone runs away and asks what happened to Anuj.Then Anupama, with the help of those people, lifts Anuj and makes him lie on the bed. By then the younger Anu also gets up and asks Anupama what has happened to her father.

Anupama prays to God for Anuj that he should be fine. Then those people call the doctor, the doctor would tell Anupama that Anuj is okay, there is nothing to worry, just Anupama will have to be with him always.Because a nurse cannot handle Anuj alone, the doctor tells Kapadia that Anuj should not fall down or hit anything. The doctor told Anupama that the body reacts after brain surgery. And after saying this, the doctor leaves after prescribing some medicine and Adiq decides to bring Anuj’s medicine.

Anupama thinks about Kinjal and her child, she wants to join the happiness of the house, wants to adopt her granddaughter but now how will she take care of the child.

Because now she has to take more care of Anuj and cries seeing Anuj. Pakhi and Samar decorate the house to welcome the baby. Hasmuk and Leela also engage in work with them.

Pakhi brings a crib for the child, seeing it, Leela Ba brings an old family crib, seeing which Samar and Pakhi refuse that the child will not sleep on this old cradle. Leela says that this is our family cradle to all the family members of the house. Children swing in this cradle and she gets angry and tells Paritosh that you come back, Paritosh. But Pakhi and Samar ask Paritosh to sleep in another room as they are going to decorate the room for the child. Paritosh comes there and everyone talks together. Paritosh says that earlier I was just an elder brother but now I have become a father, it is a very different experience, when Samar remembers something, he asks Paritosh why Rakhi behaved strangely with him. Was getting it done. On this, Paritosh says that nothing, she just wants to be with Kinjal. so angry

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On the other hand, it is shown that when Anuj wakes up, he sees the injury on his hand, then he tells Anupama what happened, did I fall at night, how did I get this injury. Then she asks about Kinjal, how Kinjal was delivered or not. And at the time of delivery, you should stay with Kinjal, Anupama gets shocked, she thinks that maybe Anuj is losing his memory. Then the rest of the people of the house come there and tell Anuj that last night you only scared Anuj.

On this Anuj would say what did I do, then Anupama says that nothing, you just screamed in your sleep, on this Anuj says that so much has happened and I do not remember anything, then Anupama says that there is no problem, it is the effect of medicine. She convinces Ankush and Barkha to tell the truth to Anuj.

Here it is shown that Kinjal tells Rakhi if she is not able to sleep, to which Rakhi says that she was worried about the child. That’s why she didn’t sleep. Rakhi was thinking about telling the truth of Paritosh to everyone.

It is shown at Anuj’s house that Anupama decides to remind Anuj of real life. She shows the photo of Kinjal’s child to Anuj. And she says to whom Anuj has gone, after seeing the picture, he says that he is very sweet, he has gone to Kinjal, Anupama becomes happy seeing him remember the child. And today’s episode ends here

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