Anupama 13th September 2022 Written Updates-Paritosh is Unapologetic

Anupama TV Serial

In the September 13 episode of Anupama it was shown that Anupama takes Paritosh to a room and closes the door of the room, she tells Paritosh that yes I got to know but Rakhi didn’t tell me anything, she called Paritosh. I narrate the recorded call to him and ask him what is this and who is this girl? Paritosh gets shocked and is unable to speak anything properly, Anupama says to stop whining and tell clearly who is this girl?

Anupama further says that before punishing, I am given a chance to give my explanation, I am giving you the same opportunity, tell the truth, what is the matter, what is it, why is it, since when is it, how much is it and to what extent it is Speak Paritosh. 

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On the other hand, Anuj thinks that Anupama was saying that Paritosh’s ceremony was to be performed, but it has not come yet and Anupama was also looking very upset, what had happened. Then Anuj tells Samar that I have to talk to Anupama about something important, and bring Anupama, after hearing this, Baa says that Anupama and Paritosh must have come inside to perform the rituals. Then Vanraj says that come Anuj, take a photo with Arya, then Anuj starts clicking the photo.

On the other hand, Anupama tells Paritosh that what is it that your mother-in-law knows but your mother does not know.

On this Paritosh says that mother, this girl is not in my life, not my girlfriend, if you have given me a chance to explain, then listen to me. She is a girl, but when Rakhi Mom knows everything and she is silent, then why do you want to know, on this Anupama says that all I want to know is that where is the matter and to what extent is it big in your life despite Kinjal There is a girl somewhere else. 

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Vanraj narrates poetry, here Paritosh says that mother understands the matter, regarding Kinjal’s health, I always had to go to the doctor to take medicines, sometimes for tests, I also needed time for myself, that’s why I went outside for my needs. Started talking to the girl, just wanted to go for time pass. 

Hearing this, Anupama gets very angry, she does not tolerate it, she starts remembering Vanraj’s deception, which Vanraj had done with Anupama years ago, Anupama says that you have fallen more than your father, he loves someone. But you are disgusted with me, on this Paritosh says that mother, I have not killed anyone, what you are telling me so much, Anupama says that Paritosh you have killed your wife’s trust, you have not only Kinjal has betrayed her daughter as well, while Anuj keeps waiting for Anupama, Kavya starts going to see Anupama, only then Rakhi stops her to serve food to all of you, I come after seeing Anupama.

Anupama further says that Paritosh hurt you a little. If it seems, how much it hurts and Kinjal has done an operation to carry forward your lineage, you know how much pain it hurts,

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Paritosh says that mother, man and woman are different in every way, they have their own needs.

says Anupama O that not only men, but also others have their needs, but women live in their four walls, their children, Home and husband consider themselves as their world, as

if you went out for your needs, if Kinjal goes out. Hearing this, Paritosh gets angry. He says you’ve got five pages 

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